Essentrics: my classes and more

Join me for Essentrics® ABC–Aging Backwards® with Christine

Mondays, 10 am  session starts October 4

L & A Seniors Outreach Services (SOS),  12 Richmond Park Blvd., Napanee (shared facility with Napanee VON)  

Contact Brittany Brown to register: 613-354-6668, extension 110, or

Yearly SOS membership required, plus session fee.

 Wednesdays, 10 am  session starts October 6

 St. John’s Hall,  216 Church Street, (County Rd. 7), Bath, ON
Contact me to register: 613-767-5848; or

Fee: $40/session; Drop in fee by prior arrangement
Fridays 10 am  session starts October 1
In person and via ZOOM;  in partnership with L & A Seniors Outreach Services (SOS),           
SOS clients contact Brittany to register; all others contact me

Yearly SOS membership required, plus session fee.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE ESSENTRICS AGING BACKWARDS®  Essentrics® draws on the flowing movements of Tai Chi, the strengthening theories of ballet and the healing principles of physiotherapy.

 I love this program that is designed to:

  • Unlock tight muscles and joints
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Increase your range of motion
  • Strengthen the spine and core
  • Improve posture
  • Improve balance
  • Help relieve pain
  • Help recover from injury
  • Create a youthful-feeling body

Essentrics® can easily be  done by anyone regardless of age or fitness level. The Aging Backwards® program is geared to anyone who needs a gentler approach to exercise. Click on my photo at the top of the page to see a demonstration of one of the exercises.

All exercises in the virtual class are done standing and with a chair. 

Follow this link to see more videos.  Scroll down to find specific ones for Aging Backwards®. There are great tips to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.

Sign up for a free trial of Essentrics TV (ETV). There is a variety of programs and challenges.

Visit the Essentrics® website to learn more. 

My Background with Essentrics®
I started doing Essentrics® while watching the popular PBS (Public Broadcasting System) show Classical Stretch   Miranda Esmonde-White, a former dancer with the National Ballet of Canada and a fitness instructor created this exercise program and leads and hosts this very popular  program.

Essentrics®: The Esmonde Technique was developed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and is taught world-wide. After taking a few classes with Essentrics® Master Trainers, I wanted to become certified to teach this program. 

Essentrics®, especially the Aging Backwards® program, has been life-changing for me.

Scroll down to read testimonials from some of my class participants about how Essentrics® has helped them. To learn about how Essentrics® has changed my life read “My Eccentric Journey” on my Personal Writing page.  

I know I am healthier and stronger. When people compliment me and ask what I’m doing to look and feel better I say, “Essentrics® Aging Backwards.”

As my friend and fellow Essentrics® instructor, Sheri Burge, said in one her classes “Essentrics® makes everything better.”

Keep moving. Keep smiling. Age Backwards with me


  • I enjoy the class because I like the flow of the movements and find it somewhat calming. After the first class I could feel certain muscles had a bit of a workout. I find it a good fit between yoga and tai chi.
    Kathy C.
  • I am always interested in trying new types of exercise. I really like this program because I feel more flexible. I can actually move my left shoulder f around fully now and it is all because of Essentrics. The exercises are great for getting a full stretching workout. They are simple to do but extremely beneficial to my overall flexibility.  Christine is a great instructor and I love her choice of music that goes with each portion of the program. The one hour duration of the class is also perfect. I always feel good when I leave.
    Dorothy M.B.
  • I began Christine’s Essentrics: Aging Backward Class because I liked the title! I had recently been diagnosed with arthritis in one hip and was experiencing continual pain. Surprisingly, after just one class I was feeling a bit better and the improvement continues week after week. I am thrilled! Christine has such a calm, warm manner when leading the class that you also experience calmness and feel successful at each one. I would highly recommend that you try joining a class.
    Dorothy D.
  • It feels like you are waking up the muscles. The pace is just right and I feel that you manage to incorporate all the muscle groups.
    Lillie N.
  • Our introduction to Essentrics Aging Backwards has been a learning experience, rewarding and enjoyable. The small size of the group allows us to easily see our instructor, Christine, as she presents, explains and leads us through the numerous exercises. Movements are visually and verbally presented. The movements may at first look rather elementary but they move/stretch/activate every muscle in the body from head to toe. The program is presented at a very reasonable pace and each individual can work the exercises to his/her abilities/limitations. This is especially appreciated for Val with her arthritis and knee issues (candidate for knee replacement) and John with shoulder and lower back issues. It is amazing how it strengthens your balance and who ever thinks of exercising their ankles and toe muscles? No specialized equipment is required. It is a program that can be offered in an indoor or outdoor environment and it has been very much appreciated that we can both partake in the program as a couple. We highly recommend this program as it sure works for us!   
    Valerie and John B.
  • I started the class when I heard about it from a few friends. It has been a great asset to me in keeping in shape and keeping stretched out. (I am very stiff in the mornings when I wake up.) It is really good for helping with balance. I also like the social aspect: meeting new friends. I would definitely recommend the class to anyone. Christine is a great teacher.
    Lynda K.