Boost your energy in a healthy way

During the winter when energy levels can easily drop we might be tempted to reach for cookies or donuts to get a boost from the sugar. Instead of those, try Mid-Day Squares  .

After I’d first seen these advertised on Facebook, I checked out the website and was very impressed. These bars tick all the boxes for me:


Gluten Free

Dairy Free


Soy Free

They are also vegan.

Apart from these features, the 72g bars are only 150 calories and pack a whollop of protein (12g) and fiber (8g) but less than half the amount of sugar found in candy bars (10g). That’s for the full bar, which is actually two squares. Do the math and you’ve got a really good, healthy treat.  While one square is filling, there is temptation to eat both at the same time. I advise waiting, to savour the other half later.

The tag line for these bars is: “Everything A Chocolate Bar Isn’t; Everything A Protein Bar Wishes It Was.” So this is truly a FUNCTIONAL Chocolate Bar. Trust me, these bars live up to that motto.

Once I was sold on trying them, I went to the website to find out where to buy them. I saw there were a few stores that were listed as having them, but no such luck.  I contacted the company to let them know that I couldn’t find them and was told that only stores that can keep the bars refrigerated would have them, as the bars contain no preservatives. I did find one store selling the bars but they weren’t refrigerated. I hope that has changed now.

To thank me for my trouble searching for their product, the company sent me a Starter Pack with four bars of each of the three flavours, which all contain chocolate. So what’s not to love?

Well, they are a little dense, especially the Fudge-Yah. I love chocolate but a little goes a long way and this one was just a little too intense for me, but maybe it’s just me. You might find this one to be your favourite.

On to the other flavours for a taste test. For me, it was toss-up between the Almond Crunch and the Peanut Butta. These seem a little less dense and I love those combinations better than straight chocolate.  Then again, maybe that’s just me.


Now I’m ready to order another box, once I decide which of my two favourite flavours I’ll get. Ah, decisions, decisions.  I’ll be ordering soon as there is a current promotion of a $5 discount, which brings the total for one box down to $44.28 per box, including tax and shipping. That works out to $3.69 per bar. Very good for a protein bar and cheaper than the dark chocolate bars I like. I might just have to order one box of each of these two flavours.  If you are a first-time customer ordering the Starter Pack, there’s an even better deal! Check this page for details.

So on those cold winter days when I’m tempted to go for something sweet, Mid-Day Squares offer a much better choice to boost my energy and keep me going for the rest of the day.

Try them. You won’t be disappointed.