Essentrics: My classes and more


We’re all staying home to stay safe during this COVID-19 pandemic so all of my classes are currently cancelled. I’ll be teaching again as soon as it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, here’s how you can keep doing some Essentrics® at home:

Go to the Essentrics® website and follow some videos.  Scroll down to find specific ones for Aging Backwards®, which is the program that I teach. There are great tips to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. There’s also a video on choosing the right chair which you might need to help with balance.

Go to the Essentrics® /Classical Stretch Facebook page for a daily workout with instructors from the Essentrics® program, all working from their homes. These are 10-minute workouts that will make you feel great. You don’t have to be a regular follower of the program nor do you have to be a Facebook user to watch these videos.

Join the Essentrics 30-Day Challenge!

I’ll be signing up as I know it will really keep me moving although I really don’t need too much motivation. Here’s how I started and why I love this program:

I started doing Essentrics® while watching the PBS Television program Classical Stretch. I learned that the exercise program was started by former ballet dancer, fitness instructor and the TV program host, Miranda Esmonde White.

Essentrics®: The Esmonde Technique® was developed in Canada in Montreal, Quebec and is now taught in many countries. After taking a few classes with instructors in Toronto (Ontario) and Montreal, I wanted to learn to teach this program in my hometown, Napanee, Ontario.  I received my certification in the Essentrics® Aging Backwards® program in December 2019.


Essentrics® draws on the flowing movements of Tai Chi, the strengthening theories behind ballet and the healing principles of physiotherapy.

The program is designed to:

  • Unlock tight muscles and joints
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Increase your range of motion
  • Strengthen the spine and core
  • Improve posture
  • Improve balance
  • Help relieve pain
  • Help recover from injury
  • Create a youthful-feeling body

Essentrics® can be easily done by anyone regardless of age or fitness level. All you really need is a mat to stand on.  A resistance band and a cushion for the head, shoulders or hips, are helpful to make the floor exercises more effective but those are optional.  It also helps to have a sturdy chair nearby to help with balance for the standing exercises. The program is done barefoot to strengthen the muscles in the feet which is why the mat is helpful.

Essentrics® has been life-changing for me.

Scroll down to read testimonials from some of my class participants about how Essentrics® has helped them. To read about how Essentrics® has changed my life visit my blog.

I’ve also written a guest blog post for Lori Wolf Heffner on how Essentrics® fits with my writing business. As my friend and fellow Essentrics® instructor, Sheri Burge, said in one her classes “Essentrics makes everything better.”

I know I am healthier and stronger. When people compliment me and ask what I’m doing to look and feel better I tell them “Essentrics Aging Backwards”

I’m working on learning new routines and putting together new playlists so that when classes are running again, I’ll be ready.

Keep moving. Keep smiling. Stay safe.


I went into Essentrics with a little bit of trepidation, I must admit. Although I knew that the stretches would feel great, as a sufferer of fibromyalgia, I feared that the next day I would be very sore. Not so at all!

My range of motion through my tight shoulders is much improved as in other bothersome spots in my body.

Christine makes our class very enjoyable with music that we love to work out to and a beautiful cool down period. She tweaks our posture when needed and is very concerned that we are holding ourselves correctly. This is a very “feel good” class that I do my best not to miss!
Jill C.
I have been taking the Essentrics classes with Christine, at the 55 Plus Activity Centre in Napanee. It is an effective and energizing form of exercise, that has increased my flexibility and strength, improved my posture, and my body feels more balanced.

Christine is an enthusiastic, positive teacher.  She is knowledgeable and clear in her explanation of the different movements, and closely watches us to ensure we are doing them safely, using correct form. Her classes are fun, challenging, and I love her choices of music.

Essentrics is a great way to stay strong and fit. I highly recommend it!
Barb P.
What I love about Essentrics: I can actually move my left shoulder fully around now and it is all because of the Essentrics class taught by Christine Peets.

The exercises are great for getting a full stretching workout. They are simple to do but extremely beneficial to my overall flexibility.

Christine is a great instructor and I love her choice of music that goes with each portion of the program. The one hour duration of the class is also perfect. I always feel good when I leave.

Thanks so much for introducing me to Essentrics, Christine.
Dorothy M.